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Learn Japanese in Bangladesh

Reason to choose Us

Japanese Language Centre Comilla

Why Us?

1. TEACHERS – Excellent, qualified teachers
2. FLEXIBLE PROGRAMS – Students can study what they need with JLC’s Flexible Learning System
3. SMALL CLASSES – An average of 6 – 10 students per class
4. RESULTS – JLC students consistently achieve excellent results on JLPT, N4 and N5 exams
5. EDUCATIONAL PATHWAYS – JLC has liaisons with over a dozen Japanese language schools and colleges as well as scholarship opportunities.
6. MEMORIES – JLC is a fun and friendly school
7. LOCATION – Both campuses are conveniently located in in the center of Comilla city in Bangladesh.
8. ACTIVITIES – Awesome trips & daily activities

Small Classes Allow For More Interaction

Students will learn faster with more students actively interacts. As a result we structure our classes with an average of 6 to 10 students. This class size gives the instructor the ability to promote positive interaction between students on a regular basis. The small class size helps to identify student that needs individual attention.

Highly Motivated Classmates Help One Another

Characteristically speaking, JLC students are enthusiastic and highly motivated to learn. They study hard, participate in class, and excel quickly. This dynamic in the classroom creates a positive energy that makes for an excellent learning environment. Classmates cooperate with one another and help each other succeed as a team.

Importantly, students get the opportunity to meet other people with common interests and similar reasons for learning the language. In this way they can share experiences and offer each other helpful information that will only further advance your learning.

Positive Study Environment

Our facility is well kept, spacious and welcoming. Our classrooms are well organized and properly laid out to ensure the most productive study experiences for all students. JLC shows its students support. We offer many attractive privileges that further enhance your learning experience once you become a student with us.

Writing: The Importance of Outputting Practice

At Japanese Language Centre we believe that the more you output, the faster you’ll learn Japanese. By output, we mean writing and speaking. We encourage our students to write in a personal diary as often as possible. Besides we hand out essay assignments regularly. You will use the new grammar and vocabulary you’ve learned when each day you write.

This output training will help you expand your Japanese communication skills quickly.

Japanese Language Centre Comilla

Japanese language centre Bangladesh

Japanese Language Centre Comilla (JLC)

Japanese Language Centre Comilla is a professional educational institution teaching the Japanese language to students at our facility in Comilla City. We accept learners from all over the country and look forward to helping Bangladeshi students’ successfully Japanese language learning in Bangla for study, personal or any other reason. Choosing the right language school plays a big role in how you learn the language of Japanese. Certain teaching methods will be more effective than others and before signing up anywhere, you should take the time to evaluate what is important to you. Japanese Language Centre provides all students with a complete learning experience. Over and above the essential academic element, JLC offers you unique activities, valuable information and guidance services.

We encourage the fully open communication of useful information among teachers and students and we are here to act as your support staff every step of the way. We can help you plan your trip or apply for further Study in Japan from Bangladesh. Or if you need extra help as you’re learning with JLC, we are here to give you individual attention. At JLC, the only language we teach is Japanese.

We encourage our students to participate in various cultural and competitive activities and other cultural exchange events. We have developed a unique style of teaching which is made possible by the realization of co-operative learning by the students and the teachers. As a result our students excel at the international proficiency tests conducted annually for the respective languages. Moreover we are here to act as your support staff every step of the way. We can help you plan your trip or apply for further studies in Japan. We are here to give you individual attention that you need extra help as you’re learning with JLC.

Our courses are highly specialized and we dedicate all of our efforts to the instruction of the Japanese language, and to various teachings of Japanese culture and traditional activities at our Japanese Cultural Center in Bangladesh.

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